The Advantages of Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil vs Other Oils

To understand the benefits and difference between Virgin Oils and Refined Oils, one needs to understand the process of refining. To bring an analogy, refining is a process similar to “washing” of oil with water, salts and acids and then “bleaching” the oil to bring you the ‘transparent-ish’ color that you see in the bottles. There is a hydrogenation process that is also carried out using a catalyst such as Nickel or other heavy metals.

In contrast, Virgin (Sesame) Oils involve only crushing of the seeds using Expellers and steam that cooks the seed and the oil that is collected is filtered using natural filtration processes. This Oil is then bottled and send to consumers. There are absolutely no chemicals or artificial additives that are added in the process. Since sesame oil contains antioxidants it naturally has a very long shelf life and doesn’t need any preservatives.

This natural oil hence is easily established by our ancestors as the healthiest of oils in India. In fact, the local name for sesame oil is ‘Nallennai’ which translates literally to “Good Oil”

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