Anandha Jyoti Deepam Oil

The name Nava Jyoti is rooted in Indian mythology and means the “First Light”. It signifies the sacred light that comes to illuminate our way and eliminate darkness from our lives. In line with this rooted tradition in Indian families, the lighting of lamps with Nava Jyoti Deepam oil in one’s pooja (Puja) room, office, work space or factory will eliminate obstacles from one’s life and illuminate the path to health, wealth and happiness.

Anandha Jyoti Deepam Oil is a perfect blend of 5 different holy oils that come together to bring health, wealth and happiness to the family. Each of these oils have their unique benefits and significance and brings power and divine aura to your home and work place. The unique composition will bestow blessings and bring immense benefits to your home and family.

The five oils that come together in this sacred preparation are listed below:

1. SESAME OIL - Helps to eliminate difficulties. Removes obstacles from one’s life

2. COCONUT OIL - Brings peace of mind to oneself and helps to focus on goals

3. RICE BRAN OIL - Brings Wealth to one’s family

4. CASTOR OIL - To bring name, fame and happiness to one’s family. Increases devotional faith

5. MAHUA OIL - Helps to free one from debt

(Also mixed with Sugandha Dravas for pleasant aroma)

Packages Available in

PET Bottle:

200 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre

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