The Advantages of Sesame Oil

What is Sesame Oil?

Sesame Oil is extracted from sesame seed or ‘Sesamum indicum’ and is used for cooking, flavouring and its medicinal purposes. Other names for sesame oil are Gingelly Oil, Til Oil, Benniseed Oil or Nallennai in tamil.

Sesame oil has been used for edible purposes for years and is known to be a ‘healing’ oil. The Ancient Indian scriptures – The Vedas mention Sesame Oil as the healthiest of oils for human beings. Sesame Oil is used as a base for endless amounts of medicines, healing treatments and traditional massages. Much of ‘Ayurvedic’ therapy centers around the use and application of sesame oil based cures.

Sesame Oil is a natural antibacterial cure for common skin pathogens, such as staphylococcus and streptococcus as well as common skin fungi such as Athlete’s foot fungi. Ayurveda has shown over countless generations that Sesame Oil has the power to unblock arteries, provide cells with essential nourishment and lower body cholesterol levels. Sesame Oil also contains linoleic acid, which makes your skin soft and youthful.

The antioxidants properties of Sesame Oil reduce the risk of developing serious health complications like heart disease, cancer and arthritis. The very same antioxidants are responsible for the long shelf life of Sesame Oil as compared to most other oils.

As people around the world are today more conscious about their health and are making healthy choices, Virgin Sesame oil is being recognized as the healthy alterative to processed refined oils. Asian countries have been using Virgin Sesame Oil for years in the food prepared and in rejuvenating health oils.

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